Tischer Expedition 220 from NSR Leisure

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The Trail/Box 220, demountable with four crank supports, looks all of a piece. The cabin unit with a total length of 382 cm, consists of 34 mm thick sandwich panels with stove-enamelled outer membrane. The cabin is barely wider than the basis vehicle. Entrance to the living area is through the back door via a mechanical pull-out step with tread. The bright and cosily-designed interior has a dinette with seating for two to three. The equipment also includes a wardrobe, galley kitchen and a sanitation room with cassette toilet, wash basin, shower and mirror. The water supply ensues through a 96 litre tank.

Built to fit:
Total width*
210 cm
Total length*
585 cm
Total height*
299 cm
Standing height
195 cm
Platform length
382 cm
Floor length inside
220 cm
Bed dimensions alcoves
198 x 150 cm
Bed dimensions seating group
198 x 97 cm