Tischer Expedition 200 from NSR Leisure

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The Expedition 200 model is suitable for both one-and-a-half (King Cab) and Double Cab pick-ups. In the interior, numerous comfort features immediately become evident: a standing height of 1.95m, a central seating group which can be converted to a bed area and the generous bed dimensions prevent any feeling of constriction; modern upholstery fabrics and curtains provide a pleasant environment even on long trips.

In combination with a one-and-a half cabin, the demountable cabin is almost flush with the back of the basis vehicle. This means the slope angle of the pick-up is not restricted and the special construction technique of our most popular and lightest cabin means that good cross-country mobility is assured.

Built to fit:
Total width
210 cm
Total length
555 cm
Total height
299 cm
Standing height
195 cm
TRAIL Platform length
365 cm
BOX Platform length
367 cm
Floor length inside
200 cm
Bed dimensions alcoves
198 x 150 cm
Bed dimensions seating group
198 x 111 cm